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The purpose of the Settlers info project is to facilitate a paradigm shift in Canada for the mutual benefit of First Nations people and for Settlers by providing all the information Settlers need to fully understand, respect, value and love First Nations people in Canada. Be the best Settler you can be. This project is put together by First Nations and Settlers who are committed to ongoing education through the sharing of truth. The project provides a pathway to better understanding and the building of respectful relationships with First Nations, that is integral to a more honest, just country that we all want and need for generations to come!

New Video : Human Rights Watch Report on how Canada is not fulfilling it’s human rights obligations with respect to Indigenous people in regards to the access of clean drinking water. “New investments in water and wastewater infrastructure on First Nations reserves announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be accompanied by enforceable regulations, sufficient and rational funding, and oversight. Canada should establish an independent First Nations water commission to monitor and evaluate water policy, funding, and outcomes.” Click here to read the Human Rights Watch FULL REPORT. 


New VideoRCMP racism towards Mel Clifton, Indigenous Elder, Sovereign Citizen. This is a clear example of the racism that RCMP Commissioner Paulson has identified as existing within the RCMP and that has no place in the Police force. The Burnaby RCMP is seen here denying Sovereignty to a disabled Indigenous Elder, assaulting him and then illegally arresting him. The Corporal on duty, instead of intervening to stop this racism and injustice, chooses to facilitate and support it. More info here on how to STOP POLICE BRUTALITY.


New Video : OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin : Canada committed “cultural genocide” against aboriginal peoples. She calls this cultural genocide the worst stain ever on Canada’s human-rights record.


New Video : Canada’s state of emergency.


The Indian ActPlease study and read the Indian Act to learn and understand about the current legislation which the Canadian Government refers to in relation to First Nations.


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